Your projects deserve the most secure and legally sound blockchain protection on the market

Offer an unfalsifiable proof of all your creations, projects and project stages in a few clicks with all the protection of a French blockchain developed by the independent law firm expert in IP and blockchain.


 In a few clicks, your projects are time-stamped and stored in France; in order to protect, date but also follow the management of these new intangible assets

An innovation of excellence

FTPA, an international expert in legal advice and an international player in digitalization and Blockchain technology have joined forces to create a unique ecosystem of trust and advice.

Our IP platform in SAAS mode

A bundle of evidence
3 levels of international protection and 1 perfect proof by notary

Save time
Whether you work independently or in your office, you are protected very quickly

Encrypted and dematerialized
Your documents are encrypted throughout the time-stamping process

Save on protection
Cost-effective protection before you identify the subject matter of your patents

Really simple
Drag and drop your documents in a few clicks and generate a certificate

With legal advice
We help you define the right protection strategy for your creations

The lawyer's expertise to frame all your blockchain projects and to time-stamp easily and in a few clicks all your projects that deserve to be dated

Your project teams can collaborate with external actors (e.g. startups) while protecting your assets.

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The execution of my public contract can be done with a precise follow-up of the reciprocal obligations of the different parties to the contract.

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You are legally supported throughout the life cycle of your project to develop your creation in NFT format (promotion, sale...).

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You develop and protect new innovation projects immediately to give you time to arbitrate and limit your costs.

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You need to legally secure your blockchain projects; you want to develop an NFT project that is perfectly framed legally; you want to explore an IPO or frame your compliance policy via blockchain... FTPA has developed a unique expertise in the legal framework of blockchain-based solutions.



Frequently asked questions

Blockchain is both a technology and a promise to create new value chains. These perspectives require a particularly fine analysis of the legal conditions that must both secure and facilitate the emergence of this ecosystem of trust.

Blockchain Lawyer is a particularly sharp and new expertise, developed by FTPA, to respond precisely to all the issues that arise from the use of this technology: smart contracts, NFT, RGPD, ITO; data storage... These are subjects that we like to deal with within the firm.

The FTPA blockchain platform clearly favors an optimum level of protection in terms of mode of proof. With a double inking on Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies, our solution aligns the registration of your creations with the positive law of many countries such as China or even some American states. Thanks to the qualified time-stamping, your deposits benefit from a probative recognition in accordance with the provisions of the European eIDAS regulation.

Finally, for those who wish it, our platform offers the benefit of an absolute force of proof by the validation of the deposit by the notary FTPA.

The security of your data is an absolute priority for us. Thus, to guarantee both the durability of the storage of your data and the sovereignty of the solution, we have favored a 100% French storage on the territory and in the most advanced conditions of respect for the integrity of your data.

But to go further in the respect of your wishes in terms of protection, we can also adapt to your needs by proposing a storage of these data in your company by working together with your internal teams.

The length of time your data is stored can be infinite or simply decided together. The choice of a public blockchain was made to avoid being subject to technological constraints that would jeopardize the retention period of your assets. Thus, the retention period of your data can be aligned with the lifespan of the blockchain itself.